IMG_1538This is the first post of many personal thoughts and feelings about my life, my choices, my decisions and ultimately the things I choose to focus on.  This is a journey into journaling in a different way. I’ve always had a journal, a notebook. This is meant to be a more creative process with images and an option to share if I desire.

Today I choose a THEME for my day and will attempt to carry it with me in my mind and thoughts in a focused way.  My Theme is Gratitude. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for the ability to breathe in and out. I am grateful for all I am blessed with, the people in my life, my work and ability to listen and guide others in their own process. I am grateful that I can make a living helping others. I am grateful for this process and my attention to self care and what is truly important in my life. My life is Good. My life is Beautiful. My life is my life to live. How will I choose to Live today? Let it be worthy of the gift of this life.