I want to be conscious in all things. My thoughts, My feelings and the choices I make about my body, including what I feed it and when.

My mind dictates the hunger and desires, and unless I stop and listen to my mind, and then get control over the thoughts, I just eat mindlessly. I don’t need to eat at these times, or I wouldn’t feel badly afterwards. These moments of uncontrolled eating are mindless binges. I don’t need the food for fuel. I just crave the sugar. I had good control over my choices last year at this time and I desire to get to that place again. I felt good. Thin yet strong and lean. My mind is NOT in control of what I eat unless I allow it to be. Being of Less-Mind will allow me to be in the present moment and make the choice that “I” my “true self” wants to make. Thats the distinction…My True Self vs My Mind.

My weight is a healthy weight, but I want less of it. My goal is to be under 120 pounds with less body fat, less pudge at my waistline and stomach. I can do this. I need to add some cardio back into my exercise routine. Maybe planet fitness, maybe Overlook. I will get to each place this week and try them out and then make my choice.

So, today I choose to be of Less-Mind and more True Self when it comes to my food choices. So far so good. I Decide this moment to follow this plan throughout my day until I lie down tonight to sleep.

Thats my plan and I am sticking to it.