images.jpgYesterday I joined a gym. Its been several months since my last gym closed down unexpectedly and I am still grieving. I was unsure if I would like this new setting since it is in the local retirement community, but it was $5 for a walk in, so I put on my workout clothes and off I went. At first I thought it might not be for me, it was empty except for one man agonizingly doing physically therapy on one of the nautilus machines, but that feeling soon went away. The gym was small with only 1 good elliptical machine, but luckily no one else was using it, so I climbed aboard, plugged in my settings, put on my headphones, hit my Pandora work out playlist, and off I went.

It was fabulous! After 20 minutes in I hit my stride and felt that feeling of flying! It is an endorphin rush that is unexplainable to those who have never experienced it. I was cruising at a good clip, breathing hard, into my rhythm and loving it! After my session ended at 30 minutes I needed more, so rebooted the machine for another 30. I was so entirely high on the accomplishment and the fatigue that comes from a great cardio workout. I had done 5.6 miles in an hour.

I joined the gym. My plan is 3-4 times a week of cardio, and the rest of the days yoga and pilates with BoHo Beautiful, my favorite YouTube Yoga channel.  I did really well with eating yesterday too. Low calorie intake and control after dinner (except for 5 or 6 blue organic tortilla chips because my stomach felt growly and empty).

I feel strong and centered today. Five clients ahead of me this morning, whom I feel blessed to help in whatever way I can.  GRATITUDE, STRENGTH AND PEACE.