imageFall is a season that triggers sadness for me.  Even though the colors are gorgeous and the crisp air is lovely to breathe, there has always been an underlying pull to a darker state of being. I fight it off the best I can, using all my tools as a therapist and a person who is very aware of self care, my thoughts, and my emotions, yet it always is there looming in the background, waiting to suck me under.

We all have triggers. Childhood trauma, loss, events that happen that remind our subconscious of feeling states of another time. And then there is the family history and the gene pool of chemistry that we all carry within, so for me it may be a compilation of all of the above. But this is not the end all be all of the story. I AM in control of my mood states. I CAN choose to feel a different way. I Will keep fighting!

So today, I am setting an Intension to embrace the beauty of this Fall day. I will get some apples, bake a pie or apple crisp to share with my family and acknowledge all the good in this moment and this day.

Today I will stand tall, look up at the blue Fall sky and I will Smile.