I find it difficult to change a certain negative habit. Most goals I can stick to, exercise goals, financial goals, work goals, cleaning and organizing goals…all good. But I struggle with food goals.  I find it hard to stop the mindless eating…..and for someone who is striving towards a goal of mindfulness, well, haha.  I don’t even eat bad foods. I am on a mostly clean veggie diet. I (mostly) cut out all the processed sugars I can. I drink only water.

But I am addicted to a type of homemade trail mix that I make with Cheerios. Honey nut Cheerios are my favorite, but since they have 6 grams of sugar I have switched to the three grain variety which has 2 grams of sugar. I mix this with unsalted roasted peanuts, dried cranberries (no extra sugar added) and sometimes, not always, dark chocolate chips.

This is my habit downfall when it comes to food.  My intention for today is to really read the calories and sugar for the serving size and calculate the totals. This might help me to stop after one serving. This is a good plan. I also set an intention to be Mindful when I am eating this.  This is probably the missing piece.

Mindfulness of what and when I am eating, and when I am eating, be mindful of eating. Sound good? Yes.

Good talk.