“I surrender to the path of my own journey. I accept and embrace the process.”

What does this really mean? What is “my own journey”. I find it difficult to stay focused on “my journey” when others around me are struggling with theirs. I focus on helping them with their journey and process and become engrossed with their problems.

I am a therapist. I should know better. I should know that “should” is an unreasonable expectation. I tell my clients to avoid the “shoulds” all the time, but when it comes to me, well…….

How do I separate my adult child’s journey from my own? How do I detach and let him walk his own path? How do I disengage from his journey and focus on my own?

I assisted a Mother with this issue in a session today and so I sit pondering this for myself. What did I tell her? Be present, Be in the moment, breathe and remind herself that this is HER life to live. See the beauty, feel her own body, hear the sounds around her. I can do this. Will it help me? I will try. Letting go of the issues of others is a difficult process, but the first step is acknowledging it for myself.