To Simplify is to let go.

There are volumes of books written about this topic. The content is endless: reducing clutter, trimming weight, eliminating toxic people in our life, diminishing our environmental footprint, conserving time and energy output…the suggestions go on and on

But, here’s another  thought…instead of “reducing” and “letting go” how about increasing the moments in the day that Simplify our lives? How about adding an intention to see, and to listen, and to feel the world around us, even for a brief moment.

The act of intentional awareness can only Simplify our lives. It shows us how the smallest of things can bring true joy and peace.

So although to Simplify is usually associated with Letting go of something, I propose that we Simplify by Adding something. Something good. Something profoundly simple and if this becomes a practice, I wonder if the things in life that we want to simplify and let go of, might not  just happen naturally, in its own time.

So, today let us look and see, let us tune in to sounds and listen, and let us feel the sensations of our bodies even in the smallest of movements.