maxresdefault.jpgI love Squirrels. I especially love the bratty little squirrel in Beatrice Potters children’s story Squirrel Nutkin.  Feel free to follow the link to the story if you don’t know it, or would like to hear it again. It is well worth the click.

My inspiration for this post comes from my daily observations of the persistent, if not down right hysterical antics of a squirrel who visits the “squirrel proof” feeder I have hanging off of my deck.

The daily acrobatics exhibited by the squirrel that I call Nutkin are astonishing.  I wish I had his strength, endurance, flexibility and dexterity. It would greatly enhance my Yoga Practice. He does a flawless chamra dandasana.

He hangs upside down, first by one leg, then another, almost balancing on air because there is nowhere to grip, in his attempts to get at the birdseed. He fails every time, because it actually is a pretty effective “squirrel proof” feeder. But it does not deter him one bit. I admire his perseverance.  I know his determination is an innate ability given to assure he can secure food, but it is so very impressive to watch. He makes it look so effortless, and graceful.

For me perseverance is anything but. I put enormous effort into the goals I set for myself. And graceful?….ha ha. No. Its taken me a year of daily Yoga Practise to hold an eagle pose. I suppose in THAT way I am like Nutkin. My antics have been laughable.

So, Squirrel Nutkin and I do have a kinship of sorts. I enjoy watching him each morning while I drink my coffee and he hangs upside down and twists himself into gymnastic distortions for a few seeds. I have nothing but admiration for his skill set. And who knows,  maybe he sees me through the window while I twist myself into Yoga postures that I fall out of, and get back into…and maybe he laughs.

By the way, I do feed him. He has many other opportunities for food that I have made accessible to him. He loves the peanut butter suet.