I am striving to grow. I am also striving to accept myself. Is this a dilemma? A fight against two opposite goals? I don’t think so.

This is a constant journey. As I am constant in who I am as well as being constantly moving forward towards a better me.

I believe I can accept myself as I am while working towards inner change and growth simultaneously. It is common to hear people say “this is just the way I am”, and I have said those words myself. However, I am aware that in these moments I might be feeling defensive. It might be a response to a thought that I have to justify myself, my choices, or my behavior.

So as I constantly make attempts to be the best version I can be, I can also accept who I am in this moment, and know that I am a constant work in progress.

In this moment I breathe in, I am me. In the next moment I exhale. I am me growing.



via Daily Prompt: Constant