3ac64123cadfda9d2c2105fc423cfc37The heartaches of my past are encrusted with layers of crystalized rock. I have buried them deep into the crevices of that untouchable place within. I have created walls of shimmering formations that protect my heart and soul from any who wish to climb, armed with their sharp, jagged tools, with desires to chip away at the massive barrier that I have formed.

This encrusted formation is a thing of beauty, molded over many years, the pain having been carted carefully away, tucked deep between layer upon layer, to slumber undisturbed.

Only I have the means to enter. But I never will. This glorious formation has its task and needs not my instruction or interference. The crystals will continue to form, and grow, encrusted over rock and stone, and in so doing, turn my pain into breathtaking unmistakable beauty.

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted