Practicing Yoga centers me. It grounds me to the earth and lifts me towards the sky and I feel utterly present and alive.

My body does not gracefully flow from one pose to another with ease. I am not young nor am I very strong, but astonishingly, there is one pose that allows me to  feel both, the Peaceful Warrior.

I love the name. It speaks to me of heart, soul and strength. I love the way my body feels while I am in it, feet firmly planted and supported by the earth, legs lengthened and muscles fighting to hold firm, the stretch and slight twist of my torso as one arm reaches for the sky and the other pulling downward, resting on my calf. My heart is open and my face is lifted toward the sky.

While I am in Peaceful Warrior I feel a gentle power. It is a pose that invites me into a sacred meditative and mindful space. In that space I can be anyone or no one, or  one with all creation, all at the same time. In that space I can conquer any challenge that presents itself and do it with ease and grace.

When I practice yoga, and am standing firm in Peaceful Warrior pose, I am strong, present, one with my breath and free, and it is beautiful.