I totally believe in the phenomenon of having a premonition. I have had one very powerful experience in my life that I had no realistic explanation for, other than a profound “knowing” that something bad was going to, or had happened.   I am empathic by nature and I easily tune in to the energy of others around me, but I had never before had the type of emotional response to an event, that I had no knowledge of yet, than on that day.

I thought I was having a panic attack, even though everything external was fine. I had no concerns that day, no triggers or anything that could have brought on such extreme levels of anxiety. I was crawling out of my skin, having trouble breathing, couldn’t sit still, and was filled with this feeling of absolute dread. Everyone in my life was safe and sound. Believe me, I checked, again and again throughout the day. I fought hard to decrease my stress response, but my system was in full fight or flight mode. This went on for many hours and then, as suddenly as it came on, it was gone. I was so relieved, but was left utterly exhausted by the experience.

I was just about to go to lie down for a nap when I heard the sirens coming up my road and a knock on my door. When I opened it, my neighbor was standing there crying, and I knew in that instant, without a doubt, that my anxiety had been a premonition of something bad to come.

Sadly, the event that had occurred was tragic. A young woman who lived down the street had left for work that morning and had never arrived.  By 4:00 that afternoon, they found her in her car, down the street, totally submerged underwater. Earlier that morning she had slid on the icy winter road and gone into a pond less than a mile from my house. She had been there all day, trapped underwater, unnoticed by cars passing by, while her family frantically made calls trying to locate her.

In that moment, as my neighbor stood in my doorway, informing me of the reason for all the police, firetrucks and ambulances, my heart sank. I knew, that I had felt her presence. I knew, that I had felt her pain. I knew that I had felt her families anguish. Deeply saddened and shaken, I knew, that I had known.

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