I have taken my seat. I am grounded on my mat, legs crossed, arms resting on my folded knees, hands open to receive what the universe has to give. I inhale deeply, slowly exhale, let go and I fly.

I fly to that sacred space I can only visit when I am in this perfect state. I am one with my breath. I am one with all creation. I feel the pulsing energy of life.  The life within me and the life force of all that is around me.

I feel everything and I feel nothing. I am weightless, far above the earth, wings spread wide, soaring effortlessly on a soft current of air. The air is my breath.

As I soar higher, rising further from the form I inhabit, I send out a mantra. My open heart seeks and sends strength,  peace and love.  The words swirl together on the current of my breath in a full spectrum of color.  Hues of greens, blues and reds, mingle with speckles of silver and gold as I inhale and exhale.

I hear a soft bell far below me, the tone rich and comforting, signaling the time to return to my body. I turn towards it and it sounds again, gently beckoning me to come to full awareness. I inhale and exhale, movement returning to my fingers  and toes, and ever so slowly, I open my eyes.

My meditation practice complete for this day, but tomorrow, again I will fly.


Let it bleed challenge #8   Weekly Work Prompt:  Fly