I begin in kneeling position at the bottom of my mat.  I bend forward, curl into a childs pose and stretch my arms out gently  in front of me, reaching with my fingers as far as they will go.

I reach for peace.

I pull myself onto all fours and inhale deeply into cat, then exhale into cow, my breath flowing within my core as I arch up and curl under, breathing.

I breathe for truth.

Tucking my toes and pushing up and back onto my heals, calves stretching, my hands firmly placed, arms holding my weight, I find my downward dog. Sternum reaching towards the earth, holding my pose, I breathe in.

I hold for gratitude.

Exhaling, I fold forward into plank, strong and straight, for a second holding firm and then with a deep inhale I flow upwards, knees, chest, chin, head reaching up, arms holding strong, thighs off of the ground, chataranda dandastana.

I flow for strength.

Strong arms, pushing back into downward dog, breathing deeply, gently bending knees I step forward, one foot, then two. Slowly, standing upright, straight back, my arms glide upwards, hands reaching to the sky, palms meeting together, like a prayer. Face lifted to the sky, heart open, I breathe in and exhale. Bringing my hands to my chest, I bend my head to my heart.

I stand firm for love.

Arms and hands reaching back up, breathing in, then diving back down, palms planted firmly on the earth. I gently bend at my waist, forward fold, head reaching towards my knees. Halfway up, back long, palms firmly on the mat, left leg moves to the back of the mat, chest up, low lunge.

I lunge for kindness.

Breathing. Body lifting, arms guiding my self upward into high lunge, hips stretched, one leg long, one knee bent, perfectly centered, heart, open, holding strong, looking up, breathing deeply.

I seek forgiveness.

Hands firmly placed back down to the mat, right leg straightens, my body moving back into plank, holding strong and then again, knees, chest chin, the flow…….graceful, balanced, centered, strong.

I flow for centered balance.

Breathing, pushing back so my bottom rests on my heels, forehead on the mat, arms resting backwards along my side, Childs Pose. Inhale… Exhale.

Namaste. My soul recognizes the divine in your soul. I bow to you.