My mind is full of pathways made up of the roads my thoughts have taken throughout my lifetime. The roads most often traveled are the ones deeply engrained, highways long and wide with deep groves in the pavement from the frequency of my trips. This is dangerous territory.

These roads I have taken many times, since childhood, and although they are familiar, they take me to destinations I would rather avoid.  They hold places in my head that do not serve me well in my quest to maintain positivity, gratitude and peace.

There are signs along these roads most traveled, their messages weather worn from the raging storms inside my head, but visible non the less.  STOP HERE, FAILURE AHEAD, CAN NOT PASS, DANGEROUS TURN…..It can be so easy to follow these signs.

Yet, thankfully, there are exits I can take. They are sometimes hidden behind sharp turns, obscured by huge boulders or debris left in the road, but I know they are there. And knowing that there is an way off of the road gives me hope.

After all the path is mine, created in my own head, and so I can create more exits. It can be hard. It entails trudging through deep valleys, made from decades of painful thoughts, but the work is well worth the effort.

New exits, new pathways lead to new roads with signs that say RIGHT OF WAY, SUCCESS AHEAD, CLEAR PATHWAY, YOUR STREET, LIGHTS ON…..

Today I choose to take the exit. It leads to a much better place. Join me if you wish, I would love the company.