Let It Bleed Challenge Week 9

Why do we seek happiness where it cannot be found?

Why do we think our joy will come from a person, or a new shiny object, or an exotic place far away?

Why do we tell ourselves that we will be happy when………….(fill in the blank)?

Why is it so hard to open our eyes and see the beauty around us?

Why is it so very difficult to open our  ears and listen to the sounds that fill our moments with the music of our lives?

Why do we ignore the wonder of the sensations of our breath flowing in and out, keeping us alive, every moment, hour after hour, day after day, year after year?

Why are we unaware of the absolute beauty,  the gift of each movement, and the wonder of strength in these bodies we inhabit?

Why are we so blind to our own process of living, the one thing that is constant and if we allow, can always bring a sense of joy?

Why do we listen so intently to the messages of this world when the simple answers are so much closer to the truth for the quest for happiness. We already have all we need inside each and every one of us. Joy is with us in each moment. Happiness is the awareness. Happiness is in the gratitude. Happiness is within our grasp.

So…….Why do we suffer so?