The photograph of the young woman was utterly captivating, but not in the way she had once imagined. Those youthful fantasies of her face on the cover of Vogue or Cosmo had all been utterly vanquished, in one flash of a moment. Gone.

Her blood soaked blonde hair fell in matted tufts across her closed, hazel eyes. Her once lovely face, bruised and battered, was turned slightly to the left, as if shying away from the cameras intrusive lens. Her hand lay lifeless across her head, as if she had tried to cover her broken, distorted features, but the photographer had captured that too, before she had been mercifully covered by a sheet.

The caption accompanying the picture was even more evidence that her life had not turned out the way she’d planned. These words were not synonymous with beauty or glamour. No, the headline was unimaginable, devastating, ugly and horrid.

Twenty-Six Dead In Church Shooting

She raised her eyes and looked up at the face of the beautiful being by her side. The enormous wings gently hovering around her, protective and loving. She sighed heavily, and asked the only question now on her mind…..

“Beautiful child,” her companion answered, “you are innocent and pure of heart, as you have always been, and always will be. Come now, you are not alone, they are here too, and are waiting to welcome you home.”


Authors note:

The Fix NICS Act of 2017 was introduced to strengthen the background checks system and to keep guns out of the hands of domestic violence perpetrators. It was introduced in wake of the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting. For more information or to sign the petition visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline.








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