Let It Bleed Weekly Challenge # 10

The universe signifies the end of the day with a gift from Sun. She gives us Sunset.

She is a magnificent sight to behold after her long journey around earth. Sunset must carry a heavy heart after all she has witnessed along her celestial path. She has shown her fierce light everywhere on the earth. Her light and warmth has shown into the darkest places, seen mankind at our worst, destroying trees and plants, brutalizing magnificent animals, and killing each other.

Sun watches this daily, but still shines, even while knowing her gift of  light and  warmth will not change the depth of the horrors she sees.

Yet even so, at the end of her day, Sunset glows, showing us the deepest mixtures of her paints, the most glorious reds and yellows. Perhaps Sunset has made a choice.

Maybe, knowing her light has done all it could, she turns her focus to the beauty she also has seen. For although she has seen cruelty, Sun has also witnessed mankind fighting for the green earth, battling for lives of precious animals, and the million acts of human kindness shown every day by loving souls.

Perhaps, choosing to see the good, Sun collects all the beauty she has witnessed on her travels over the earth during the day, and she gathers it into herself. Holding it, cradling it in her arms and then, as a reminder to all who might see, as she gently slides from our sight, Sunset shows us her glory, her colors and whispers……there is always tomorrow, and you too can choose.