Daily Word Prompt: Identical

Day after day, my mind swirls with identical thoughts.  The negativity I work so hard to escape, creeps into the spaces between my synapses, swirls around, curls up and digs in deep.

Why do I perseverate so?  It does not serve me to dwell on the things I cannot change, in fact, it is just the opposite. It does me great harm.

Only I can free myself from this prison in my mind. Only I can breathe in the good and release the bad.

And so I do.

I breathe. As I inhale, I imagine a blue light, with wonderous healing properties, cleansing as it moves through my lungs and organs,  and as I exhale, I imagine a dark grey light leaving my body and taking with it all that is harmful. I repeat this cycle of breath and light over and over, until I feel peaceful, serene and safe.

The thoughts have moved away. There is only my breath, and my mind is clear of everything except the light and colors. On the exhale, the grey has cleared and is now just light, sparkling white.

And finally, I am free from all thought. And so, I am free.


via Daily Prompt: Identical