Invisible wounds. Unseen scars, hidden behind their masks.  They do not seek help. They can not trust enough to cry out loud.

Hurts so deep and constant, haunted lives burdened by pain.

Skin on flesh and bone, she deprives herself of food.  Gashes on thighs, she cuts deep to feel something, anything. Burns on arms, his self-hatred turns him into an ashtray.

Plunging needles into overused veins, his release from nightmares of sand filled lands.  Pills of all shapes and colors, she seeks escape from  childhood  trauma. Vodka by the glass full, he drinks to soothe his broken heart.

No one will see these things. They will hide them, keep them tightly bound, secrets never told.

They will walk among us, unseen, invisible.


via Daily Prompt: Invisible