Today is one of those days that I need to meditate and let go of things that do not serve me.  I suppose I am coming to rely on my practice as something I do when I am hurting, or sick or worried.  I’m not sure that this is the point, to meditate to escape  emotional pain. Or maybe it is? It is a tool to be used for when and where it is needed.

I know that mindfulness meditation is a way to cope with stress, but it can also be a time to just simply be silent, stop the barrage of incoming stimuli and breathe.

I want to sit on a beach, breathe in the salty air, feel the warmth of the sun, hear the waves, and feel the soft sand underneath me connecting me to the earth. I want to close my eyes, and feel the cycle of my breath match the rise and fall of the ocean.

In this moment I am at my desk waiting for my first client of the day to arrive, so there is no beach here, but in my mind……I am there, surrounded and held, by the loving energy of the earth, in the company of the surf.


Photo Credit: Getty Images