The universe carries a powerful spiritual energy that affects our moods, thoughts and innermost feelings and responses. Some of this energy is magical. It is beautifully good and utterly altruistic, like the smile of a little child.

Some of us are acutely aware of this energy. We actively seek it, attune to it and make it a practice of awareness in order to take it in and  make it part of ourselves. It can feed us its goodness and we can thrive with positivity and peace.

As with all things, there is a flip side. The universe also has a toxic energy that swirls around the atmosphere of our lives. Every day our world is full of terrible events. Sometimes the earth herself creates these horrors in the forms of natural disasters that destroy whole cities, communities and past civilizations. The quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, mudslides and volcanic eruptions are not evil in themselves, but leave behind destruction nonetheless. Cries of fear, terror, pain and loss go up into the universe and all life is effected by this toxic dark energy.

Sometimes this toxicity comes in the form of people. Humans can be cruel forces in each others lives causing emotional turmoil, deep sadness and lingering pain. This too is part of our universal truth. We can be effected by the dark energy that swirls around us by the evil that mankind creates. The daily news glorifies these stories of pain, death, and abuse. Negative energy should be a universal precaution. It is toxic to our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

If we are lucky, we can identify the sources of this dark energy that is closest to us, in own lives. Sometimes we can change it with love and kindness, the ultimate outcome. But sometimes we have to choose to let toxic people go. Sometimes it is necessary for us to decrease the darkness and increase the positivity in the flow of energy that dances around and inside our being, breathing in pure vitality and effervescence, and exhaling the toxic opposing vibrations.

Not everyone believes in universal energy, but I do, and when given a choice between eliminated the toxic and taking in the good, I will choose good every time.


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