Yesterday I decided to research and practice the Yoga Sequence, Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation. The description I found in Yoga Journal was beautiful, “Focus on the inner sun at your heart. Heart represents inner light of consciousness without which nothing would exist, just as our physical world wouldn’t exist without the sun. The inner sun is the embodied self, the jivatman or “liberated being”. One can dedicate this practice to this light.”

In no way do I see myself as a “liberated being”, however I can believe that my inner light is radiant. I can believe that this light exists in all of us.

And so the practice on my mat began with Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and a Salutation Seal, my palms pressed together at my heart. The sequence consisted of 10 more poses, each with an alternating breath in, and exhale out. These asanas put together formed a beautiful Yogic flow. Each time I came back into Tadasana I felt a radiant surge of joy and inner peace. I repeated this Yoga sequence over and over for about a half an hour, my breath flowing gently and easily.

When I began, I had dedicated this practice to the sun and light within me. I had placed my mat facing a window in spite of there being no sun shining through.  The sky was grey and cloud filled.  But as I finished my final Upward Salute and brought my arms down into Mountain Pose, the clouds parted and the Sun burst forth, shining its radiant light onto my upturned face.

It was an enlightening  moment. It was, as one of my Yoga blogger friends babycrow calls it, Yoga Magic.

Daily Prompt: Radiant

Picture credit courtesy of Google Images.