This is kind of a nutty post, but it is what it is.

I wear black all the time, it’s my go to color. I mix in other colors of course, but if you saw me from day-to-day you would know that my primary wardrobe consists of various patterns of black pants, black shirts, black sweaters, long black sleeveless vests, black onyx beaded bracelets, black bead necklaces and silver and black earrings.  I’m sure you’ve got the picture.

The same goes for my Yoga attire. I have two pairs of black yoga pants and two black tank tops. Today I went to a local shop to look for more Yoga pants, since I practice daily at home and attend three studio classes a week. I just wanted to add to my Yoga wardrobe.

The rack was loaded with Yoga pants in my size, and they were soooo colorful. They ranged from hot pink to bright turquoise, but no black. Not plain black anyway. The black pairs had huge white flowers all over them or swirling designs that looked like marble.

They had Yoga pants covered with beautiful pink cherry blossoms, gorgeous blue designs with regal elephants, (I love those elephants), and very cool bohemian style tie dye. They had Yoga pants covered with leaves, hearts, cats, and even glittery diamonds. It was Yoga pant eye candy.

I love these prints. Adore them. I “Like” them as the pages scroll by in my FB feed. But I don’t like them on my body.  I knew this even as I grabbed a few pair and headed for the dressing room, thinking, “hey, they could look okay.” My Teacher wore a lovely blue pair with a flowery design during my Vinyasa Flow class yesterday and she looked amazing!

I pulled them on, one by one, negatively scrutinizing every inch of myself from the waste down. I peeled them off and put them on the hook in the dressing room with a sign above it that read, “Maybe Next Time”.  They didn’t have a hanger for “Never In A Million Years”.

I was a little sad. They really were pretty and kind of cool.  But those designs and colors seem to add 10 pounds to my thighs. I know it’s all in my head, and totally not the point of Yoga practice, (a post for another time….Body Image and Yoga), but I am distracted and disconnected enough from my self during Yoga Class that I don’t need to look down and wonder whose body I walked in with.  That happens all by itself as it is.

So, as much I love the elephants and the psychedelic colors of the bohemian style Yoga pants, my trip to the store only reinforced what I already knew, I just needed another pair of Black Yoga Pants.

I got in my car and headed across the street to the You-know-what-Mart. It was great. They had plenty of black pairs and I was psyched. But then, something caught my eye. Mixed in among the black Yoga pants, I spotted a pair that was dark grey with a small white lotus flower on the ankle. Simple, dark fabric, and cute. So I took a leap out of my comfort zone and I bought them.  I tried them on when I got home and I really like them.

I guess I can wear more than black yoga pants afterall. Who knew?


Yoga Pants Courtesy of Google Images.