Today the sun shines after yesterdays rain. The grass is greener and the leaves on the trees are a bit fuller. Spring is trying to turn to summer, but struggling.  I yearn for the hot days, blue skies and bright sunshine.  Summers here are three short months. When I was a child, they seemed to go on forever. Those long summer days that stretched into warm, sticky nights. The heat of the pavement on my bare feet.  I miss the wild freedom those summer days held, an adventure in the waiting with each new morning.

I can try to recapture the feeling of wonder of a new day. I can focus on gratitude for the sunshine. I can fill my own heart with a sense of adventure by tuning in to new things the day has to teach me. I can be present in the moment and use all of my senses to experience what is right now.

And I can visualize myself as that young girl, living and breathing summer as it was then, and reconnect to it as it is today, because after all, summer hasn’t changed. I have. It is a season in time and a season of life, and it is all connected.