My dreams are the gateway to the unconscious workings of my heart and soul. Experiences of the day introduce my mind to various thoughts and ideas that are hiding just below the surface of my awareness, and then I take them with me into sleep where they come alive.  Sometimes I wake with the images still lingering and I am able to grab them before they slip away, and other times I am left with just a vague feeling and no way to process and make sense of what was there.

Last night I visited a cold, snow-covered wasteland. There was nothing but white for miles. The few trees that were scattered far in the distance were ice-covered. I was alone and afraid. I had the sense that this place was familiar.  I walked, searching for something. Other people? Rescue? Shelter? I do not know. There was no sense of urgency, which surprises me, nor did I feel afraid. I know I was cold, but not freezing. As I walked, I came to an ice covered river. I stood on it and gazed down. The ice held me and I saw underneath it an entire world. Schools of brightly colored fish were playfully swimming amongst green plants. Green frogs swam up from scattered rocks on the bottom and peeked through the ice before turning and darting away. I lied down on the ice to be closer to the world below the river and watched as air bubbles gathered up against the ice forming crystalized shapes of all sizes. I sensed there was magic in this place and even though I was cold I wanted to stay. I gathered my coat around me……and woke up.

Maybe I will return tonight to see what this place has to offer me, or maybe my dreams will introduce me to another magical world.



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