Anticipation is a powerful concept. It implies mental preparation, energy output and an emotional response to some sort of event. It suggests waiting and readying ourselves. It can be positive or negative, depending on the situation and our thought process in relation to it.

If a new situation is involved, our anticipation response could be fear or self-doubt. If an exciting adventure is in our minds, our anticipation can be happy and joyous. Anticipation can also be both negative and positive about the same situation, and often is. Both things can always be true.

At this moment I am in my office readying myself for six hours of clients, and anticipating a positive day, despite what might be brought to me to sit with and listen to. I love my work, so it is natural for me to feel positive.

Tonight, I have my yoga class and I also anticipate a great experience on my mat. I love my class and almost always feel great during and after the flow that focuses me on my breath and the movement of my body.

So for today, I am grateful that I can anticipate a very good day ahead of me. I also am aware that it is only this moment that is truly real, and that anything can change in an instant, but for now, I am feeling good in my spirit and send out positive thoughts for the same for all of you wonderful bloggers.