Yesterday while sitting on my deck, a blue bird flew over and sat on a post that I hang my hummingbird feeder from.  I have not seen a western blue bird in over 10 years. They are not common in New England as the swallows throw out their eggs and steal their nests, or at least that’s the reason a local farmer once gave me for the rarity of sightings.

This bird sat for quite a while, his blue body with orange belly gleaming in the sun. I was mesmerized by his presence due to the mystical nature surrounding this rare bird. According to Native American folklore, the visit from a blue bird signifies positive changes to come. This bird also is often referred to as the “blue bird of happiness” due to a belief that if one visits, it is assuring happiness on that one day it has been seen.

As I watched him I felt joy, taking in his beauty and being fully aware of how rare it is to see one. I have only seen a blue bird three times in my entire life, and I can remember the exact times, places and situations when they visited. Interestingly, each time I was experiencing profound life changes.  While I was meditating on these occasions in my past, he was joined by a female. She was a beautiful blue, although of a less brilliant color as is true with birds. They sat together for a few minutes, singing and chirping, and then flew off.

I couldn’t help smiling and feeling like their visit was a very special occurrence for the day.  As soon as they left, a coyote jaunted across my back yard into the woods. It was a day of being close to nature in my own back yard. Mystical all around.

mystical: word of the day challenge