Her morning started off with typical chaos. The alarm didn’t go off and she was twenty minutes late for work. The dress she frantically pulled from the pile of discarded dirty clothes on the floor was wrinkled and had a small reddish-orange stain of something from the last time she wore it. “Probably taco bell sauce”, she thought as she rolled her eyes in disgust.  Grabbing her pumps she rushed downstairs to fill her yeti with coffee, and luckily her keurig was filled and ready.  Hastily she filled her travel mug and forgoing the spoon to measure her usual two teaspoons of sweetener, picked up the sugar jar to sprinkle but instead a plethora of white plopped into the mug. “Oh crap!” With no time to spare, she added french vanilla creamer, jammed the cover on, grabbed her purse and keys and hurried out the door.

Jumping into her 1983 Honda Civic she started the car, backed out of the driveway onto the main drag and joined the line of cars heading towards their morning destinations. She felt a bit calmer as she headed in the familiar direction towards her office. She was late, but with no clients scheduled until 9:00, and her boss on vacation, she had enough time to make it and no one to give her grief when she arived. Feeling more steady and focused, she lifted her yeti to her lips for a much-needed sip of hot coffee. It wasn’t the welcomed taste she expected. It was a thick, too sweet gulp of sickening warm liquid that didn’t resemble coffee in the least. She gagged and almost spit it out, but couldn’t afford another stain on her dress so grimacing, she hastily swallowed.

“Gross!” she cried out loud almost choking on the aftertaste. Taking a chance on being even later, she turned into the next Duncan Drive-Thru she saw and made a silent vow that tomorrow she would get up early, or at least on time.  This was truly as case of having a little coffee with her sugar.

A day in the life…”Oh well”.

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