I haven’t been able to do my daily yoga practice this week due to my lungs giving me a struggle. Yesterday I did a short and slow practice and a meditation with a focus on breathing  healing light into my lungs, but it is so hard to go from daily hour-long workouts to this level of rest. I am listening to what my body needs and have no choice but to give it, but my thoughts go to negative places about losing muscle strength and flexibility if I don’t practice and exercise.

I have the CAT Scan Friday to see what is going on so until then I will continue my “restorative” type of yoga practice and meditation and believe the best.

I will get back to my regular routine. I will regain my lung function and build up any muscle I may have lost over the past week and a half of taking it easy.  There are so many lessons here. Listening to my body, having compassion for myself especially considering my chronic medical status, learning to accept what is, and embrace my life in this body.  Realizing that yoga (for me) has to be less about the workout and achieving advanced level asanas and more about using my breath and body as one to keep moving, breathing and focused on the moment I am in while on my mat. I am a spirit inside a body and I must care for this vessel that houses my true self.

So for today, an easy yoga practice and meditation, and I will be grateful for the ability to do what I can.  I am aware that every breath is a gift, not to be squandered.