We all have the potential to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, but being that best self isn’t always easy. Who is my best self? This is a question that requires insight, deep contemplation and self-awareness. Am I meeting my potential in this life I have been given? Is there more I should/could be doing in the years I have left to inhabit this body and live on this planet? Some people live really “big” lives filled with travel, volunteerism donating time, effort and money to social or political causes that are important to them.

I don’t have the health, ability or the resources to travel to another part of the world and dig wells to provide fresh water or hand out food to starving families. I would like to, but I cannot. So, what am I doing to live my life to my personal potential?

I love those in my life as best as I can. I help when I can. I work in a helping profession. I donate what small amount I can to food banks, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and any other organization that asks. Could I do better? Always.

I think I am living my life to a moderately high level of my potential , but there is room for improvement in many areas. I can love more. I can be kinder. I can more aware of my thoughts and words. I can be more generous. I can help more. I can find volunteer needs in my community and give more of my time. There are always ways we can live on a higher plane.

Today this daily word prompt has given me cause to pause and consider my potential contribution to the world I live in.  And so, as I meditate on this I will send out love and healing vibrations to wherever they need to go and believe they will find their way and touch whatever or whoever needs them most.