I am so blessed each summer to have my own little oasis. I have a perfectly sized small  pool and a lovely patio decorated so that it has a zen-like feel. I do my yoga here, meditate and read in the sun. I relax on hot days with iced tea or cucumber fused ice water, and I can float or swim in the cool water. It is such a perfectly beautiful space and I love being by my pool almost as much as being at the ocean.

IMG_2179 2





IMG_2160I really am so lucky except for one thing… the presence of the four huge marijuana  plants that my son-in-law planted in pots and put along the wall on my patio.



They were cute at first in the early spring.  Bright green tropical looking plants that fit right in with my decor.  It’s legal here to have six personal weed plants. I do not smoke, but my adult kids do, and since its been legalized I have no issue with it. But now these plants are huge. Initially there were six plants so I am lucky that he is down to four. Two plants were male and they had to be destroyed before they pollinated the female plants. I am told that would have ruined his crop, (rolling my eyes).  The four remaining plants are six feet tall and span at least that in width.

My sacred space  looks like a weed farm and smells like skunk when the breeze blows.


I shouldn’t complain. I am lucky to have this little oasis and I did tell son-in-law he could put them there, but….I didn’t know they would get so big! He is so proud of himself for cultivating such a healthy weed crop. He has fertilized and watered and talked lovingly to these plants all summer. He says he won’t have to buy weed for a year after he harvests the buds in the fall. I am happy for him, (rolling my eyes again).  My daughter and he are living here while they build their own home and it should be done by November.

Come next year there will be no weed plants on my patio. None. I think I will line the wall with a few potted arborvitae, or something, anything other than weed.