One of the things I love about yoga is that a practice can be both energetic and calming at the same time. It takes energy to move from one asana to the next, but it’s  the steady focused breathing that converts that energy to calm within the body, mind and spirit.  During and after my practice I always feel a mixture of both heightened energy and relaxation. Sometimes it takes more energy to get started on the mat, especially when I physically don’t feel well, but the end result is always good.

Having a chronic illness, I imagine the cells in my body repairing and realigning themselves for my well-being  during and after my time on my mat. During shavasana I use my breath to bring in a healing light source to my lungs while I exhale anything that is harmful to me in any way.  Sometimes it is my thoughts that are harmful, sometimes it is illness, sometimes stressful situations but whatever may be bothering me can be taken away by the breath and my focused attention on seeing it leave my body on the exhale.

Yoga is so healing to me. Sometimes it is the best part of my day, the time that is truly mine and that I am fully aware of my breath, my body, and my individual muscles used to hold any pose. I love raising my arms above my head and looking to sky while in a high lunge. I love standing in a warrior II pose, feeling strong and balanced. I love balancing in eagle pose, holding and focusing on my core. So many poses bring me good feelings in different ways and for different reasons. Even the ones that I struggle with and fall out of are part of the process of growing and learning about myself from the inside out.

Yoga helps me feel alive and connected to myself in a way nothing else can. I love my time on my mat and the sacred space I find there.

To my fellow yogi’s, what are your favorite yoga poses and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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