This moment. This moment only is all there is. I focus on and feel the faint cool morning air before the humidity and heat swallows it up and engulfs it into oblivion for the day. I sit serenely drinking and savoring my coffee. I have my list written of things I am grateful for, and I listen to the trees moving in the faint breeze. The crows are having their morning conversations. The tiny hummers are fighting for their drink at the feeder, wings beating and buzzing ferociously. A gentle rain is beginning to fall from the cloud filled sky, forecasted by the weather gurus as a “washout” for today.

Yesterday I picked some lovely blue hydrangea from the garden that join me in this moment. I study their color and the delicate veins that run though each tiny petal that make up the bunches of blooms. I may try to paint them today. They called to me and bring me some inspiration.

Moments. There is so much that they give us when we slow down and become consciously aware of all that is here in this one moment in time.

What is in your moment today? Take it in, see it, smell it, hear it, and feel it. It may bring you a moment of awe and peace.

Word of the day challenge: Serenely