The word of the day challenge is loath. Loath is such a strong word. It evokes in me images of hatred.  I honestly can conjure up many things that I loath, and they all center around the mistreatment of others. People leaving children and dogs in hot cars on summer days while they “run” into the local convenient store, I loathe that.  Men being crude and controlling to their wives, girlfriends, I loath that.  Kids being bullied and women being shamed for their bodies, I loath that. Immigrant families being separated at the border, I loath that. Elder and child abuse, I loath that.  LGBTQ discrimination and hate, I loath that.

My politics are liberal and my religion is love and peace. I love seeing people do kind things for strangers. I love when communities rally together to help each other when disasters hit. I love that my son can marry the man of his dreams some day, that love has won over hate in his generation,  and I pray these rights do not get taken from him.  I love people who love people, and who act on it with more than words.

Today I choose to love more, in some way. I will find it. As I put it out there, I know the universe will offer me an opportunity, and I will take the challenge.

Hugs to you all!

loath word of the day challenge