I have recently picked up my watercolor brushes again and I am in a painting mode. I am not a technical artist. I haven’t studied art except for classes here and there over the years, but I have an innate love for drawing and painting. I don’t find inspiration, it finds me. I haven’t painted anything for a year and then bang, I’m hit by a strong desire to get to my paints and see the colors blend and run together.

This time it was the blue hydrangea that are in my yard that have called me back to my paints and brushes. I was not looking for inspiration. I was not thinking about painting, it just happened.  Painting is such a practice in mindfulness for me.  When I am focused on creating images and mixing colors, I lose all track of time. I am one with my brushes and paints, much like I am when I am on my mat doing yoga.


Painting has brought me a lot of peace and joy in these past two weeks. I am finished with hydrangea, as I did a series of four paintings. The two I have shown here are my favorites.  I feel inspired by plants and flowers at this time and I think my next painting will be of a snake plant that I have in a cobalt blue pot sitting on my bay window.  We will see how it comes out, but one thing I know, it is not the end product that counts. It is the process of creating that brings me into that space of being one with the moment.

Here’s to the moments.