Red Lilies Original Watercolor 14×8

This watercolor has nothing really to do with the post except for the feeling it gives. The reds of the lilies are what I imagine the color of my lungs to be and the way the leaves weave around the blooms are not unlike the way air travels around and through with my breath.

I had a consult with a thoracic surgeon yesterday following some concerning results from the CT Scan I had earlier this month. My pulmonary specialist wanted me to meet with the surgeon to discuss taking out some diseased areas of my lung. Big stuff. I’ve already had this surgery once back in 1999 and had never wanted to face it again, but here I am.

The appointment went well. The surgeon is suggesting another CT Scan in November to see if there are any changes. If not, then I can put off surgery until I absolutely need it. That is the outcome I am counting on. If the scan shows more deterioration, then I will have to have the surgery. The good news is that I won’t lose lung capacity as the areas they would take out are already so damaged that oxygen isn’t flowing from there anyway. My lung functioning at this stage is 80%. And with 80% I do cardio on the elliptical at the gym 3-4 times a week and do my daily yoga practice as well as my class.

I think I am rocking this lung disease! It’s not keeping me down and not robbing me of my quality of life. Sure it’s not fun to have an organ that is chronically compromised, but I am alive, I breathe fully and deeply and I am grateful for every day.  I suppose having an illness like this gives life a different meaning. I don’t take breathing for granted. I don’t take living for granted. It reminds me of how precious every breath and every day really is.