Succulent  Watercolor 16×20

I have been working on a series of succulents this week. I love these little hearty, playful looking plants, but for me they are difficult to paint. I find it challenging to get the realistic curls of the edges and the soft changes in color of the leaves. I am happiest with this one so far, but not entirely satisfied. I learn more with each painting, things I like and things that didn’t work well, that I can apply to the next one. I have it already planned out in my head and will work on my initial sketch before pulling out my paints.  I watched a wonderful utube tutorial on painting  succulents with watercolors which was a great inspiration, if not also a bit discouraging because she is sooo talented by Brynn Carroll at  Brynn Carroll Arts.

If you watch it and compare hers to mine you will see what I mean. Absolutely gorgeous! We all aspire to be better at things and thank goodness for the artists and yoga teachers and others who share their knowledge, skills and talents for us to learn from. We are so lucky to be able to look up anything we want to learn and find it. It wasn’t that way when I was young.  We used the library for reference materials and paid for classes and instruction. There was no such thing as free learning as it is today with endless learning opportunities at the tips of our fingers.

Here’s to the process of creating, learning and growing every day.

Is there something new that you would like to learn how to do? What would it be?