Summer Leaves Original Watercolor 9×12

This is the weekend that marks the end of summer. I finished this watercolor this morning to mark the change in seasons, as I noticed that already the leaves are yellowing and starting to droop as they ready to let go. This time of year is always a bit melancholy for me as winter is my least favorite season. I need the light. The shortening of days and darker evenings make way for an adjustment in my perception of my world. As it becomes darker and colder, I struggle a bit emotionally and mentally.

But I am already jumping ahead to fears of winter which is not a healthy thing to do. There are many beautiful days before the cold sets in. Fall is a lovely time in New England and I do love apple picking, leaf peeking, hiking in the changing woods and wearing cozy sweaters, jeans and cute boots. I love cooking warm comfort meals for my family and decorating my house with Fall decor. So, before I mourn summer and brace for winter, I remind myself that I have the reds, oranges and yellows of Fall to focus on.

There will be lots of inspiration for painting too.