Original Watercolor 16×20 Old Tree

Old tree has been on the earth for longer than anyone I know. I can’t tell his age but I can read the stories of the years on his bark. He has stood strong through endless seasons of summers, springs, falls and winters. Storms have left their marks and scars, and yet his strength has not faltered. Old tree has fewer leaves to tumble in the fall air, but braces himself for winters white covering.  His spirit is ancient and knowing as he watches over all that is around him. An owl makes her home deep in a hollowed out crevice and I hear her beautiful call each day. Sparrows sit high in nests built among his branches and crows sit with him and caw as they watch for prey to pounce upon.  Old Tree’s spirit carries the secrets of all he has seen. I wonder, as I gaze up at his withered and wise face, does he know mine?