Clinging Original Watercolor 16×20

This was my weekend painting. I especially loved the way the vines wrapped their tendrils around the trunk of the tree. This was the element that called to my creativity and my desire to try to paint it. It also caused me to ponder about things that I cling to in my life, both positive and negative.

The positive things I cling to are hope, belief in the good of the universe and the love of the people in my life. I cling to my family, my work, my yoga practice, exercise at the gym and my painting.  My schedule gives me structure which is important and so I guess I cling to that too. The problem with clinging onto anything too tightly is that life is full of unexpected changes which can, and will eventually sneak up and temporarily derail us. I suppose this is one of the reasons why trying to be present in the current moments we are given can help us whether the storms with a bit more resilience.

The negative things I cling to are material objects, money (or the worry about not having enough of it) and expectations of myself and others that can and sometimes do lead to resentment and anger. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I have high expectations of myself and others. I get annoyed if things aren’t done on “schedule” and done “right”.  Writing about it, I see how silly it is and how much life energy I give away over feelings like this. I’m going to try to let go a bit and focus on the good, being present in the moment and stop clinging to things that don’t serve me well.

Are there things that you cling to that it might serve you to loosen your grip on?

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