Crab Apples   Original Watercolor 16×20

With fall upon us as the weather cools down, it is apple picking time in New England. It’s also pumpkin spice time, but that flavor has become so over-the-top crazy that I abstain. It actually gives a bit of a stomach ache.

However, getting back to my subject, this little branch from a crab apple tree was photographed by my sister Sue in a neighborhood in Watertown MA. I wanted to branch out, 😉 and use my brushes and paints to see if I could get a reasonably accurate painting of something seasonal. I’m pretty happy with the overall result, but my goal with my paining is to achieve more depth and realism.

I’m really leaning towards wanting to get skilled in botanical art. It’s a lofty goal since I am sure that artists who paint this way have been schooled for years in color, technique, tones and values, however, any goal worth setting takes time, commitment and work.  I am up for the challenge. I’m going to sign up for an online school and begin my study there. I’m excited to be taking my painting to a new level and will be sharing my process here as I go.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something in this Fall season to lift your energy and bring a smile to your face.

BTW, are you obsessed pumpkin spice?