My Thoughts About Life In Words And Pictures

Journaling and Painting My Way Through It



Hello and Welcome to my blog and process journal.

First off, I am not a writer or an artist in the way that many of you are. I did not study creative writing or journalism, so I ask ahead of time for your patience and understanding as I am sure the mistakes will be many as I put my thoughts in print.I did not go to art school, so my paintings are my own creative process. I am self teaching as I paint.

I started this blog as a way to write down my thoughts about my life, with all its ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, loves and loss. I’ve recently decided to add my original watercolor paintings as images for my posts as painting has become an important creative process for me.

I have many roles in this life. I am a woman in the middle stages of my life. I survived a 20 year marriage full of pain and abuse, got divorced and spent years alone searching for myself. Now I have been given a second chance and have found a partner who truly loves me. I am a very proud mother of two beautiful, amazing, gifted young adults, a daughter and a son.  I am also a sister, a daughter, and friend to a select few.  I am a social worker/psychotherapist in private practice and I am so lucky to have a career that I am passionate about. I feel very grateful and truly honored to walk along the path of life with those that seek my guidance.

Currently, I am on a journey to find more peace in my life by way of self care, creative expression, watercolor painting, meditation, yoga, and a daily mindfulness practice. This journey is life itself, the moments, the days, weeks and years, and I find myself inspired to write and paint about it as I go along.  And so I do.

I am so glad that you stopped by and I hope that you find something here that might make you smile, or think, or even roll your eyes and snicker. 🙂 Feel free to comment or not. Any response is welcome. Have a wonderful day!

*All images are either my own photographs or courtesy of the web.

*If you happen to like any of my original artwork and are interested in purchasing please contact me.